SIPINDO powered by SMARTseeds Grand Launch

Jakarta, 12 October 2018 – EWINDO, together with its partners in the SMARTseeds consortium, launched the latest features in the SIPINDO application to support the progress of the agricultural sector in Indonesia. The new features include weather forecasts, recommendations for soil nutrient content based on lab test results, as well as fertilizer recommendations. What makes these features more unique is that the information is location-based (location specific data) according to where the farmer’s land is located.

New G4AW Projects!

22 Feb. 2018 – NSO has recently approved six new G4AW projects, of which two involve ICCO Cooperation in South East Asia. ICCO is thrilled to be given more opportunities to continue improving livelihoods and the food security of farmers through a combination of innovative technology, geodata and public private partnerships.

ICCO Stars of 2017

20 Dec. 2017 – ICCO Cooperation empowers local communities to create sustainable livelihoods and justice. We invest in the dreams of enterprising people and turn their ambitions into reality. One of our demo plot farmers for SMARTseeds, Pak Jaman, was featured in ICCO’s end of year article.

Geodata for Smallholders

09 Nov. 2017 – ICCO’s CEO, Marinus Verweij, recently visited Washington D.C. for the ‘Geodata and ICT for Financial Inclusion and Food Security’ event of ICCO Cooperation and Rabobank Foundation. Technological applications offer great potential to improve the production of smallholder farmers. In turn, this helps reduce the risk profile of those smallholders, which is an important stimulus for financial institutions to provide financial services.

Geodata Empowers Farmers

13 Sept. 2017 – The potential benefit of using technology in the development sector is vast. Information from satellites and other (geo) data can be translated into agricultural advice, which enables higher crop yields and a more efficient use of seeds, water and fertilizers. Food producers will also be able to receive early warnings for drought, flooding and/or diseases.